Being socially responsible, producer of 100% export oriented Ready Made Garment manufacturing industry, has taken every precautionary step to build a highly ethical, safe, enriched by child care unit, healthy & hygienic work environment, complaint by the authorities of all  respects. Child Labor is strictly prohibited here. In addition, our generous spacing between machine units has made the production floor more comfortable to work & aesthetically appealing.

We have clearly marked evacuation zones & routes for emergency exits; also we ornamented our factory with electrical & fire safety  equipment, for example: UL‐ certified fire hydrant, automated & centralized fire detection & control system, fire doors, etc.

Safe drinking water & hygienic toilets are provided in adequate numbers for all workers.

The company is running the business through less profit oriented but more on social commitments to the workforce for the people better living and skill as well as moral developments. Consequence results on sound disciplined throughout top management to mid-level  management work enforcement.

Occupational Health & Safety:
We have a modern equipped medical Center, where a doctor couple and adequate number of medical assistants are working. Employees can get quality treatment from medical Center and support of medicine which is free of cost. The company arranges various training programs on health and safety issues.

Environmental Policy:
The management and all the employees of the company are well committed to the care of the environment and the prevention of the pollution.
The organization ensures that all its activities are carried out in conformance with the relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of directorate of environment, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The Organization commits to prevention of pollution and continual improvement, seeks to minimize waste arising, reduce energy  consumption, reduce harmful emissions and where possible, to work with supply partners who themselves have sound environment policy.

The CSR policy of EAL guides us to carry out our mission as well as the Vision. Our CSR policy is an integrated part of our overall business policy. It’s our responsibility towards our workers by participating in various activities. We have a separate budget for implementing the CSR activities. We measure the impact of our CSR activities through internal and external evaluation. Our management believes in profit sharing with the workers for their wellbeing. Hence the company provides all employees with free medical, health, hygiene and emergency financial assistance.

To reduce occupational health & safety hazards we have necessary actions for workers like awareness on company rules & regulations, abuse & harassment awareness, grievance, drinking Potable water, machinery safety, use of safety equipment, electrical safety, conducting a fire drill and evacuation drills, etc. We monitor the working conditions in factories through internal Audit.

We firmly believe in the success and sustainability of our business. We are fully committed and respectful to our business, social and environmental goals and obligations. We are equally committed to complying with all relevant laws applicable to our company. We are equally committed and respectful to all international rules and regulations in this regard. We communicate to all our employees about the importance of the Environmental Management System (EMS) including waste management. Our company’s long-term policy is to prevent environmental pollution wherever practicable. We intend to work with business partners and the key stakeholders and share our knowledge, information and experience in combating environmental issues and make the world a better place to live in.