100% Export Oriented High End Woven Outerwear Garments Manufacturer

Having 18 Production Lines (12 Lines for Jackets & 6 Lines of Woven Non-Denim Items)

Executive Attire Ltd [EAL] is situated at Habirbari, on Dhaka – Mymensingh highway.
The factory is rigorous about legal and safety compliance set by the Government of Bangladesh and Buyers.

The 120,000 sft factory area is designed by local experts and foreign technician. Based on various product mix of garments and 18 sewing lines the factory can produce approx. 450,000 Pcs of garments per month.

What Makes us Different?

What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: Know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.
We follow all three simple things.


Skilled Workforce

Machines are mere tools to yield the best out of human potential. And we take great pride in employing some of the most skilled human resource found in the country. Our workers are our pride… our true driving force.


Time Management

We believe the most essential component to deliver a satisfactory client experience is quick and efficient completion of work. Thus we put an unprecedented amount of value on meeting deadlines and manage time in an effective and efficient manner.


Attention to Detail

We believe in flawless performance. It’s our hallmark to always go above and beyond to make sure all our products are 100% perfect. Our increased emphasis on attention to details has made us one of the most reliable RMG factory of the world.

Capacity And Certifications

  • Monthly capacity of approximately 1,60,000 pieces Outerwear and 2,40,000 pieces shirts.
  • Number Of Machines: 1373
  • Manpower: 1680
  • Sewing , Cutting & Finishing : Over 90,000 sq. ft
  • Building Structure: 5 buildings in total
  • Dining and Cafeteria: 5597.233 sq. ft
    (is Under Process )

Worker Benefits

  • Attendance Bonus
  • Locker Facilities
  • Purified Drinking Water
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Canteen Facilities with dining area
  • Free Medical facility
  • Two festival bonuses
  • Personal Protective Equipment

How we fulfil the Expectations

Costing and Development

After receiving the sample or technical pack from the buyer we plan out the costing considering three points:

  • Fabric Cost,
  • Accessories cost and
  • CM/Development and Overhead Cost.

As per buyer requirements, we do further developments. This is all done by our dedicated team of merchandisers in our corporate office.

Purchasing of accessories and fabric

90% of our fabrics are being imported from China. Rest are locally purchased.

Design Section

A bunch of highly skilled designers prepares the patterns using fully computerized software and hardware. Who are quite dedicated to making the perfect fitting of the apparel according to customer’s requirement.

Sample Making Process

We have a complete Sample making section in our corporate office where pre-production and development samples are being made under close monitoring of merchandisers with the help of operating with proper types of machinery.

The samples are developed as per the buyer’s instructions.

Steps of sample :

  • Development sample / Proto sample,
  • FIT sample,
  • Size set sample
  • Pre production sample
  • Shipping sample

Foreign Consultants

We have hired highly technical persons assisting in our production. Also, they are working for developing the skills of our workers as well as production efficiencies.

Worker Safety

Sewing section is designed such a way to give proper working environment to the workers. Every floor has instruction and safety messages, emergency exit plan, fire equipment, machine repairing unit, etc.

First Aid medication, Safety instructions are easily achievable using English & local language.

A quick look of the Corporate Office